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December 2023

Construction plus carried out very serious work and was able to personalize my life project. They surround themselves with very good craftsmen. The entire team was attentive and reassuring, despite the difficulties linked to waiting for materials and unforeseen events. The house deadline was respected. You can trust this builder and get started on your projects. Personally I would not hesitate to contact them again for another project if necessary. Everything was respected, including the budget. Thanks again David. I wish you an excellent holiday season and see you soon for a friendly drink.

Florence at Marcillac



The Construction Plus team was always available without fail; listens to me, gives good advice.
Despite COVID and then material supply problems, the budget was perfectly respected.

Construction Plus works effectively with all trades.

I recommend this company without any reservation and if I have to do new projects, there is no doubt that I will call on them.

Mrs & Mr BARRA.


Obviously and we knew it, a construction is not done in a snap of the fingers.
But what a pleasure to live in our house for two months now.
Exactly what we wanted, more than professional craftsmen, at the top seriously and a final result more than expected as the quality is there.
No regrets, both in design and in production (we always want things to go quickly but in the end given the level of quality, we tell ourselves that patience is good) and in follow-up after reception.
A big congratulations to the whole team without exception, we highly recommend.

Joselyne et Jean-Pierre


Joselyne and I thank you for this beautiful house that you and all your team as well as all the craftsmen who participated in it have made despite a very exceptional year which has caused a lot of hazards. This project that was so close to our hearts has finally materialized and we are delighted. Thank you David and Cyril for your dedication and professionalism. Please share our complete satisfaction with all those involved in this great achievement.

Alain et Jocelyne – Grolejac

After several stays in the SARLAT region, we decided to choose this magnificent region of PERIGORD NOIR to settle there permanently on the day of our retirement.

Several years are necessary for the proper maturation of such a project, and therefore, after many and many solutions considered, rental, purchase in the old, construction …, we opt for construction.

For some of our friends, we are embarking on an adventure …… adventurous, especially since we want “our house” with our own plans, volumes thought out by us and for us.

It was out of the question to choose a house from the catalog, where only a few customizations would be “authorized” for us, sometimes subject to added values…. !!!

The best source of local renown (commonly called the “Word of Mouth” technique) encourages us to push the door of the CONSTRUCTION PLUS premises equipped with our plan worked for days and… nights.

It is Didier who receives us:

First satisfaction: our plan … no problem. Then, spontaneously, he offers us the visit of achievements and construction sites in progress. To do this, we are going to criss-cross the region and even meet the owners there.

Undeniably, our interlocutor is passionate and proud to bring us into the field.

Second satisfaction: A personal opportunity allows us to acquire land in the town of GROLEJAC that meets our environmental criteria.

Everything is there to dive into this adventure – not so adventurous – since it is subject to the rules and framework of the Construction Contract (CCMI) that we signed in 2014.

Our project is then entrusted to Séverine who will refine our plan and this, thanks to a regular and constructive dialogue with us concerning the interior layout, and the exterior appearance (volumetry) of our new house.

At the end of 2014, the building permit was granted.

Throughout the construction process, Alain, whose technical skills are perfectly mastered, will be our contact on the ground, accompanied in complementarity by David and Cyril.

At the beginning of 2015, we are gaining a foothold in the region; We rent a house located 12 km from our site, this proximity has allowed us regular contact with local craftsmen selected by CONSTRUCTION PLUS.

12 months later, on December 22, 2015, the reception of the house is effective. Acceptance with “zero reservations” is of course impossible, and CONSTRUCTION PLUS is no exception to the rule.

We are moving in on December 23, 2015 and the few reservations mentioned at the reception are lifted very quickly following.

If the local “word of mouth” was decisive in our choice, today we are happy to be able to participate in our turn… !!!.

Jean-Pierre et Dominique –
Les Bories

Wishing to leave the Paris region and settle in Périgord, we took advantage of our 2007 holidays to make a first approach to local builders, CONSTRUCTION PLUS immediately seduced us with its very personalized Périgourdine achievements.

During our 2011 holidays, we met Didier who assisted and advised us in finding land, taking into account all of our requirements.

The land selected, we set up our project with David (designer / draftsman), the collaboration was perfect and resulted in a project respecting our specifications and meeting all our expectations, an Individual House Construction Contract (CCMI) was drafted to formalize our approach.

CONSTRUCTION PLUS immediately initiated the constitution of a Building Permit application file and, after obtaining it, the work began at the end of May 2012 and ended 13 months later in July 2013.

We can congratulate the quality and punctuality of all the teams of subcontractors selected by CONSTRUCTION PLUS as well as the coordination of the site carried out by the duo Alain and Cyril (site supervisors).

The companies carrying out the structural work (earthworks, masonry, carpentry, roofing, exterior joinery) intervened (under the supervision of the site supervisors) then, successively, all the finishing teams (plasterwork, insulation, electricity, heating, plumbing , toilets, tiles, earthenware) to achieve our successful achievement delivered turnkey finished paintings, ready to fit out, for the July 2013 holidays.

After some time (months) past, we are still delighted with our choices made with Construction Plus, and the good life in our realization.

Peter & Margaret – Ile of Man

My wife and I decided to contract Construction Plus to build a house for us on a plot of land that we had bought in Le Vigan, near Gourdon. We have received excellent service throughout the project:

1. Language difficulties

Our initial concern was that neither of us speaks good French, and as a result we thought that we might experience difficulties. This was not a problem. Didier Vandewynckele and other people in the company speak very good English and have been able to make sure that we have understood every part of the project.

2. Choosing a design

We looked at various designs supplied by Construction Plus, but none of them provided exactly what we were looking for. However, Didier discussed various possibilities with us and took us to see a number of properties under construction. This gave us a better idea of what we wanted. Construction Plus converted our ideas into detailed plans.  After further discussions and some further alterations a final proposal was prepared for us, with an estimate of costs. There was no charge for this service.

3. The building specification

A detailed specification was provided and fully explained to us. It was the most detailed specification that we have received from a building contractor and much clearer than those that we have received from builders in England. Everything was itemised and details were included of all the materials to be used and of the allowances to be given to us for choosing tiles and bathroom fittings.

 It was only when everything had been fully explained and agreed that we committed ourselves to the project, and signed the contract.

4. Costs

The building programme was subdivided into six stages each of which was subject to a stage payment on completion of the specified work. We were given details of a small number of possible extra costs, for example if extra digging was needed. There were no hidden costs and we knew exactly what we had to pay at each stage. It was reassuring that payments were made on completion of each stage and not in advance (which has been the case with some English building projects)

5. Progress

We were given an estimate of the timetable for the project (subject to weather etc). We were also informed that Construction Plus would be subject to a penalty if the building was delayed beyond a given date. Construction Plus have kept to the timetable and provided us with progress reports. We have visited France at three monthly intervals, and have had meetings to discuss progress and arrange the deadlines for us to identify the position of switches and sockets and to choose floor covering and fitments. Any queries that we have had in between our visits have been dealt with promptly and efficiently by telephone or email.

6. Quality

We have been impressed with the quality of the build, and the fittings. The allowance for choice of tiles and fitments has enabled us to choose items of good quality from the suppliers recommended by Construction Plus.

7. Completion

We are looking forward to the completion of the project in March 2007, and we have every confidence that it will be completed on time

We commenced this project with some anxieties. Past experience in England and the Isle of Man has shown us that construction rarely goes as planned. In addition we were concerned at our inability to speak French well, and our lack of knowledge of French regulations. We need not have worried! The service that we have received from Construction Plus has been exceptional. Their standards are high, and we believe that we have got good value for money. In particular we are grateful to everyone at Construction Plus for their willingness to meet our wishes and their patience in working with people who are learning to speak French.

We would recommend Construction Plus to anyone seeking to build a house in France, and have done so already. We would be pleased to show anyone around our house and answer further questions.

Sarah and Paul BURN

We were very lucky to have friends living near Gourdon who recommended Construction Plus to us.
We initially purchased our land through a local estate agent and after good advice we approached Construction Plus in December 2004. Without an appointment we simply walked into the Sarlat office to view the styles of houses we hoped to be able to afford !
We were greeted at the office by Didier and he was very happy to spend time with us and show us the styles of houses that Construction Plus could build. The whole process was explained to us very well as Didier speaks excellent English, something we found a tremendous help as our French is quite limited.
After we made our decision to “go ahead” with employing Construction Plus to build our home, we were given frequent updates from Didier regarding the process of planning permissions and time estimates. We were advised at the start that the whole building process would take about 10 to 12 months so we knew not to expect our house to be built any quicker.
One of our happiest moments during the process was when we had to meet with Didier and other Construction Plus staff at our field to mark out the position of the house, just to double check that it was going in the right position before the concrete foundations appeared.
The staged payments system was excellent for us and a much better process than in the UK. We had very good contact from Construction Plus and when the time came to choose roof tiles and render colour we were chauffeured around the beautiful Dordogne countryside by Didier until we found the tiles and colours to our liking. On another visit we were again driven around by Didier to bathroom and tile showrooms to make more choices and then spent an afternoon with Alain planning where each individual light switch, wall socket and light fitting should be positioned .
We always found the staff at Construction Plus to be very warm and friendly and prepared to listen to our requests and offer some very sound advice. Any appointments made were always kept and the staff always turned up on time!
As the build progressed we were kept updated with emails from the company and finally in July 2006 12 months after the foundations had been laid, we were handed the keys to our beautiful house.At no time did we feel that we needed to complain to the company and we look back regularly at events over the last 2 years and only have very happy memories of our contact with Construction Plus.
The quality of the building work is excellent and the landscaping done at the end of the project is highly commendable.
We would highy recommend Construction Plus for their friendly, approachable, professional and personal service.
Sarah and Paul BURN

Philippe – Le Paillé – Domme

We would like to thank the whole team for making our dream come true!

Here are some pictures of our finished house! (At least on the outside!!)
Very close to David’s initial drawing!
We are very happy with this successful achievement.
We are also very satisfied with your services and will not fail to advertise you!
Thank you again for having completed this construction with the constraints of a fairly short deadline!
A big thank you to the navvies who really contributed to the final touch and who knew how to enhance the house!

Marc, Deborah, Benjamin & Harriet – Payrac

Dear Didier and Alain,

We would all like to thank you very much for the fantastic house you have builted for us. The house has exceeded our expectations by a huge amount, we feel that what you have created for us is a dream come true.

Your attention to detail is exeptional and we had assumed that the items within the budget would be basic, however the quality of the fittings is a very high standard certainly not basic.

The process was at no time stressful but in fact a pleasure. We actually enjoyed the visits to France to view the progress and the communication via email in Franglais with you and your staff.

We would also like to thank all your colleagues that we have dealings with Séverine, David, & Cyril. The Workmen that we met on site were all very polite and helpful too.

We felt the design process was very high tech and the CAD drawings you provided are an absolute reflection of the final result. The initial changes we requested to the design were provided immediately. We had initially had quotes from two larger companies but your planning process was far more superior and efficient.

The planning application was absolutely no problem for us as you handled everything including the extra regulations of the Architecte of Bâtiments de France.

Once again, we are totally delighted with what you have created and thank you all.

Should you require a testimonial or wish to show your work to potential clients we would be pleased to oblige. We have many photographs from start to completion. On our return to UK, we will post you a CD with all the photographs for your records.

Once again,

Many thanks,